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Information for Instructors

InterMath represents a new way for instructors to engage teachers in learning about the mathematics they teach as well as exploring new ways of teaching. The InterMath team recognizes that this may be a challenge for instructors. Therefore, we offer a variety of supports at no charge for schools in the state of Georgia.

  • Train-the-trainer Workshops: These are typically 2 days long and cover all the basics required to begin preparing an InterMath course. Topics covered include an introduction to the website and the various course syllabi, webpage development, using technologies to engage in mathematical investigations, and logistics related to teaching the course. The train-the-trainer sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of the group it is being presented to. Whenever possible, these sessions include 2-4 InterMath team members so there is ample support as the new instructors begin to customize their own courses.
  • One-on-one Syllabus Support: An InterMath team member will work with any InterMath instructor to provide constructive feedback, helpful advice, and reminders of limitations related to teaching InterMath. These sessions follow the train-the-trainer effort and are conducted at an instructor's convenience.
  • In-workshop Support: InterMath personnel will, whenever possible, attend one of the first two workshop meetings at a given site. During these visits, the InterMath team member will take care of any paperwork related to a particular course offering (e.g., surveys) and will support the InterMath instructor in teaching participants how to develop an online portfolio. The InterMath team members can be available for additional in-class support on an as-negotiated basis.
  • Email & Phone Support: InterMath team members will provide instructors with additional contact information for answers to time-senstive questions and for individualized assistance. We are happy to answer questions by email and provide phone-based support for instructors who indicate a desire for such assistance.

For more information about teaching an InterMath course in your district, please contact us at intrmath@uga.edu. Please note that, at this time, we are only able to support implementations in Georgia in the ways described here. However, we are happy to provide a more limited support to implementations in other states.