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Major components

InterMath has two primary teacher components:

  • workshops comprised of inclass portions and a "follow-along" component in which participants create curriculum for use in their own classrooms.
  • an ongoing system to support teachers beyond the initial laboratory/workshop.

Intensive support will be provided throughout the workshops under the close tutelage of InterMath facilitators distributed throughout state. The site-based component will focus heavily on scaffolding in-school reform efforts. As participants near completion of the laboratory portion, they will transition to the ongoing support system--a peer community to ensure continuity beyond the laboratory.

The ongoing support system is located at the University of Georgia and CEISMC where shared resources and communication tools are provided; customization of support will be ensured through distributed implementation sites. Three INTECH centers (The University of Georgia, Valdosta State University, and Kennesaw State University) will be initially certified as InterMath sites. They will then mentor both subsequent InterMath INTECH centers as well as serve as regional support base for participants. During the project, we will establish a geographically distributed community of educators, K-12 through universities, who are committed to sustaining technology-enhanced middle-grades mathematics teaching and learning reforms.