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The intermath project

InterMath is a statewide internet-based project with the goal of designing and implementing a series of workshops and ongoing support programs that feature contemporary applications of technology and mathematics pedagogy in the middle-grades. Objectives of InterMath include

  • strengthening the middle school teacher's knowledge and understanding of mathematics,
  • providing a support structure (on-line & in-school) to aid teachers in implementing and integrating technology tools for doing mathematics,
  • and providing a structured inservice curriculum that follows Georgia's Quality Core Curriculum objectives as well as reform efforts expressed in publications by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Technology is used in a two-fold way: to deliver the curriculum (i.e., web-based materials) and to explore the mathematics through software such as Geometer's SketchPad (a dynamic geometry software), spreadsheets, and graphing calculators. (NOTE: The InterMath curriculum is meant to engage teachers and is intended to deepen teachers' understanding of mathematical concepts related to the middle school curriculum. Thus, the investigations would likely need to be modified for use with middle school students.)

InterMath is a collaborative effort among the Department of Mathematics Education, the Learning and Performance Support Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, and nine regional technology centers in the state of Georgia.

InterMath, a five-year effort to design and implement a series of field-based workshops and ongoing support programs to assist both teachers and administrators in effecting mathematics reform, is funded through the National Science Foundation. Early development of InterMath was supported through an Eisenhower Plan Prototype Development Grant.