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Intermath Project
Funded by the National Science Foundation

Principal Investigators:

James Wilson, Mathematics Education, University of Georgia
Michael Hannafin, Learning & Performance Support Lab, University of Georgia Paul Ohme, CEISMC, Georgia Institute of Technology


UGA Staff
Project Manager: Chandra Orrill
Site Liaison: Laurel Bleich
Mathematician: Elliott Gootman
Technical Support: Nic Holt

Graduate Students (1998-2006)
Summer Brown
Kursat Erbas
Chad Galloway
Evan Glazer
Amy Hackenberg
Mee Seong Im
Brian Lawler
Sarah Ledford
Sang Joon Lee
Lou Ann Lovin
Nikhat Parveen
Andrew Polly
Claudette Tucker
Shannon Umberger

Pre-NSF Funding Development
Mike Patterson
Corinne Transue

Georgia Tech Staff
Web & Interface Development: Carolyn Cole & Chrissy Hess
Technical Support: Chris Thompson

To learn more about InterMath, see the special issue of The Mathematics Educator dedicated to the InterMath project.