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How Can You Use InterMath?
This page describes how you can use of the InterMath website for professional development purposes. Below are some suggestions and information that will help you in your efforts.

InterMath Curriculum
The mathematics content and concepts of InterMath reflect curriculum that would enhance a teacher's understanding of middle-grades mathematics. The InterMath curriculum is meant to engage teachers and is intended to deepen teachers' understanding of mathematical concepts related to the middle school curriculum. Thus, we recommend that you try to solve the investigations yourself, and then try to modify and create classroom explorations that are more suitable for your own curriculum and students' needs. The investigations center on the middle-school mathematics curriculum per Georgia's Performance Standards (GPS) and the Curriculum and Evaluations Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 1989).

There are 13 units of investigations clustered into the four mathematics strands: Number Sense, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis. We have selected a small number of representative investigations for each of the units and classified them as Recommended Investigations. Additional Investigations are collections of more investigations that also address the concepts of interest. We used the following seven criteria to select the Recommended Investigations:

  • Multiple cases can be investigated using technology.
  • Pre-Algebra students rely on technology to investigate the situation.
  • The investigation promotes generalizability or can be used as a springboard for further exploration.
  • Multiple methods can be used to explore the situation.
  • Multiple solutions are possible.
  • The investigation, based on middle school mathematics, is easy to start exploring.
  • The investigation can be modified for use in a middle school classroom.

Each of the Recommended Investigations at least four of these criteria. However, make sure to browse through the Additional Investigations. Many of the Additional Investigations meet as many criteria as the Recommended ones. You may find it useful to visit the problem matrices available under the Instructors' Section of the Workshop Materials. These matrices classify each investigation according to the mathematics it addresses.

Interactive Mathematics Dictionary
The Interactive Mathematics Dictionary was developed for middle school students, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in learning more about mathematical topics in the middle school curriculum. Terms typically have a definition, picture, links to websites, and investigation(s).

Interested in Participating in the InterMath Workshops?
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