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1. I use an Internet browser other than Netscape and the Internet Explorer. Is that a problem?

Not if it works for you! However, we set up this website for that particular internet browser. the InterMath web site is best viewed with Netscape, version 4 or higher, or Internet Explorer, versions 4 and 5. So unfortunately, if something doesn't work or looks very odd, we will be unable to help you.


2. Why am I having trouble with Netscape or the Internet Explorer working properly?

Please go to our Technical Help page on Browsers for more information about using Netscape or Internet Explorer.


3. I can't find a question that fits my problem, so where do I go now?

Please send an email to the InterMath Webmaster with any questions not covered in the FAQ, Browser Technical Help page, or Plug-in Technical Help page (enrolled teachers and instructors only, please).