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The following external links are tutorials and labs on calculators, spreadsheets, dynamic geometry, and symbolic manipulators that can be found on the Web. If you have an additional source that would promote learning these tools, please contact us at intrmath@uga.edu.


Texas Instruments
TI educational products page.

This tutorial starts from scratch with turning on the TI-82 calculator and takes you through the basic steps needed to do arithmetic and function evaluation and to enter, graph and tabulate functions. You use a TI-82 as you view the tutorial to do and check the exercises scattered through the tutorial.

TI calculator guidebooks, all varieties
These downloadable guidebooks (pdf format) created by Texas Instruments show you how to use the features on all of the TI calculators and accessories. You can download the entire book, or just view a chapter. You can also find materials on using flash technology upgrades with the more recent calculators.

TI 83 guide book
This is the entire TI 83 manual in pdf format.

TI's TI-83 Plus Page


A spreadsheet tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to enter values in a cell, and use various functions as formulas in Excel and Qualtro Pro.

Basic spreadsheets step by step
This is an introductory guide to the most basic features of spreadsheet programs. Even though it is based on Microsoft Excel, most of the features can be transferred to other spreadsheet programs. It is meant to give you a boost in getting started with spreadsheets, and not to be a comprehensive review. It covers the spreadsheet screen layout, data entry, cell addressing, functions, and graphing.

Excel tutorials

Microsoft Excel Tutorial
This tutorial covers the basics of Excel. It describes in detail the parts of an Excel spreadsheet, how to navigate throughout a workbook, and how to input and format your data.

The Microsoft Office Spreadsheet
This is a quick tour by Microsoft describing the features of Excel 2003. You can read able the possibilities to manage and share information, access and analyze data, and streamline the way you work.

ClarisWorks tutorials

Basic spreadsheet using ClarisWorks
This tutorial covers entering data, formula basics, using functions, sorting data, special features, making charts, and more. The design uses hypertext so you can quickly reference a topic and link to related topics.

Dynamic Geometry

Introduction to Geometer's Sketchpad
This an introduction to GSP from the fromAnnenberg/CPB.

Basic Skills with GSP
Various GSP Resources from basic skill tutorials to lessons with GSP. Download 2 GSP files that walk you through the basics of GSP.

Virtual Institute
Tutorial on how to drawing, constructing, and moving in GSP from NJSSI.

Introductory Lab
This lab shows how to begin using GSP, use different tools, label and relabel points, highlighting and hiding objects, measuring objects, constructing objects, and using the coordinate system.

GSP into (GSP format)
This Geometer's SketchPad file is template that allows you to familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

Construct a tessellation
Learn how to create a creative tessellation in GSP using vectors and translations.

How to create a script
This page gives directions on how to create a script that can be placed in your tool bar and then used in new sketch.

Script tutorial
This page illustrates how to create and run scripts for a triangle and circumcenter based on three initial points.

The Geometer's SketchPad, three labs
These labs made in GSP investigate rotations and translations, cycloids, the area of a parallelogram, the area of a triangle, and the area of a rectangle.

Cabri Geometry Tour
This excerpt from the TI book Exploring the Basics of Geometry with CabriT shows how to create and label elementary objects, correct an error, and modify the size of objects.

Symbolic Manipulators

TI 92 calculator
This is a very basic tutorial that begins with turning on the TI-92 calculator and proceeds through the basic steps needed to do arithmetic and finally to entering, graphing and and tabulating functions.

TI 92 guidebook - symbolic manipulation
This chapter in the TI 92 guidebook created by Texas Instruments (pdf format) shows you how to perform algebraic and calculus operations, how to define functions, and how manipulate variables.

Computer Based Labratory (CBL)

What is a CBL?

How to use a CBL

Getting Started with CBL's

FAQs for Graphing Calculators, CBLs, and more

TI Frequently Asked Questions, CBLs

CBL Made it Easy!
5 Steps to Getting Started with the CBL System, Vernier Sensors, and the TI-73, 82, 83, 83 Plus, 85, 86, 89, 92, and 92 Plus Graphing Calculators

CBL Able
Technical support for CBL.

How to put programs on the TI-83 for CBL

CBL Program Archieve for TI-83
Lots of CBL programs to run on TI-83.

CBL Home Page by Texas Instruments

CBL2 Home Page by Texas Instruments

Getting Started with CBL2 (Handbook by TI)

Troubleshooting the CBL2

Learning to Use the CBL2
A wonderful guide for beginners. It includes movie clips showing everything step by step.

CBL2 Technical Reference Manual

Vernier Software
One of the leading companies producing sensors and probes for CBLs.