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Algebra Syllabus - Class 6 & 7

A. Participants engage in investigations of Equalities and Inequalities using graphing software

    Participants should choose investigations that involve:

    • Recognizing and applying Properties of Equality to solve equations in one variable and to understand the behavior of special case equations (e.g., absolute value, radical, factored equations equal to zero);
    • Given an application problem, identifying and applying the appropriate common formula for distance, Pythagorean Theorem, Area, Circumference/perimeter, interest, and slope;
    • Representing and comparing solutions of equations and inequalities (on number lines).
  1. Week 6: Choose from investigations focused on Properties of Equality
  2. Week 7: Choose from investigations focused on Equations and Inequalities in one variable

B. Participants add write-ups to their online portfolios.

C. Revisit and revise a write-up

Additional Resources for Week 6 & 7

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