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Week 2: Number - Intergers

Want to be a Millionaire? (Printable PDF)

If you put a dollar in the bank, and it took one year for your money to double, how long would it take to become a millionaire? Justify your answer.



What is the least amount of money (to the nearest dollar) that you would need to place in the bank initially if you wanted to become a millionaire after ten years? Justify your answer.


As seen in Problem Exploration

M6N1:  Students will understand the meaning of the four arithmetic operations as related to positive rational numbers and will use these concepts to solve problems.

a. Apply factors and multiples.

You are doubling your money each year so you are looking at multiples of 2.

M8N1:  Students will understand different representations of numbers including square roots, exponents, and scientific notation.

i . Simplify expressions containing integer exponents.

j. Express and use numbers in scientific notation.

k. Use appropriate technologies to solve problems involving square roots, exponents, and scientific notation.

a. You start with $1 and then double it every year.  The second year, you have $2.  The third year, you have $4.  You can look at the pattern in terms of powers of 2:  20, 2^1, 2^2,….

b. If the student uses a spreadsheet to solve this problem, the spreadsheet will begin displaying the monetary value in scientific notation.  This GPS asks teachers to distinguish between scientific notation on paper (3.5 x 104) and in a calculator or spreadsheet (3.5 E 4).

d. This will be done if a calculator or spreadsheet program is used.