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Week 12: Geometry - Quadrilaterals

Penning for Pony (Printable PDF)

To make a pen for his new pony, Ted will use an existing fence as one side of the pen. If he has ninety-six meters of fencing, what are the dimensions of the largest rectangular pen he can make?

(Source: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Nov-Dec1994).



As seen in Problem Exploration

M6N1. Students will understand the meaning of the four arithmetic operations as related to positive rational numbers and will use these concepts to solve problems.

f. Use fractions, decimals, and percents interchangeably.

g. Solve problem involving fractions, decimals, and percents.

The dimensions of the pen can be represented as a fractions or decimals rather than just whole numbers.

M6M2. Students will use appropriate units of measure for finding length, perimeter, area, and volume and will express each quantity using the appropriate unit.

The perimeter is set, but the student must find the maximum area. Since a scale drawing is used, you can discuss what would be a good unit of measure to work with in the problem.

The area and length will need to be expressed with appropriate units

M6G1. Students will further develop their understanding of plane figures.

d. Interpret and sketch simple scale drawings.

e. Solve problems involving scale drawings.

A scale drawing can be drawn to represent the fence/pen

M7G1. Students will construct plane figures that meet given conditions.

This is a rectangular pen with a fixed perimeter.