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Week 15: Data Analysis - Statistics

Taking Classes (Printable PDF)

The three intersecting circles shown represent a Venn diagram. The red represents all of the students taking math, the yellow circle represents all of the students taking science, and the green circle represents all of the students taking English. Fifty students are taking either math, science, or English. 32 of the students are taking only two of the subjects, and 6 are taking only one subject. 49 students are taking math, 36 are taking science, and 42 are taking English.

How many students can possibly be taking math and English, science and English, and math and science? Use a table to justify your findings.



As seen in Problem Exploration

M8D1:  Students will apply basic concepts of set theory.

a. Demonstrate relationships among sets through use of Venn Diagrams.

b. Determine subsets, complements, intersection, and union of sets.

a. Students are analyzing an investigation involving the relationships among sets and Venn Diagrams.

b. Intersections and Unions will be discussed in that some students are taking math or science while others are taking math and science. The "and" and the "or" in this problem represent the intersections and unions of the school subjects. Complements can also be discussed as those not taking a math course, etc.