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Rational number course

The purpose of this course is for teachers to:

  • Develop mathematical content knowledge
  • Explore mathematical investigations using technology
  • Become more proficient with technology for mathematical problem solving
  • Align mathematical investigations with Georgia Performance Standards

The participants in this course will be expected to:

Day 1  Introduction             

  1. Introduction to InterMath
  2. Talking Points Quiz
  3. Group investigations

    Introduction to Fraction Bars

Day 2  Parts

  1. Group investigations

    Surrounding Numbers

  2. Individual Investigations:

    Land Dispute
    Fractional Parts
    Pandigital Fraction
    Beaker Comparison

Day 3  Parts of Parts

  1. Group Investigations
    Where is that Fraction?
    Fraction Situations

  2. Individual investigations

Can you tell?
Fraction Figures
Let's Operate on Fractions

Day 4 Pesky Parts I

  1. Group investigations
    Cans and Containers
    Exploring Division with Fractions

  2. Individual Investigations

Division Pattern
Jacob's Idea

Day 5 Pestky Parts II

  1. Group Invesigations

    What does 3 divided by 1/2 look like?
    Juice Containers

  2. Individual Investigations

    The Meaning of 1/3
    Natasha's Idea

Day 6 Decimal Multiplication

  1. Group Investigations

    Estimating the Point
    Decimals as Arrays

  2. Individual Investigations

    Decimal Diagram
    Moving the Point
    Partial Products & Decimals

Day 7  Multiplication

  1. Group Investigations

    Base-Ten Block Multiplication
    Exploring Multiplication with Fractions

Day 8  Decimal Division I

  1. Group Investigations

    Two Models of Decimal Division
    Let's Help Ms. Lee

  2. Individual Investigations

    Cliff or Evelyn?
    Joel's Solution

Day 9 Decimal Division II

  1. Group Investigations

    Two Interpretations of Decimal Division

Day 10 Ratios

  1. Group Investigations

    Adding Ratios
    Which is Larger?
    Jumping Monkeys

  2. Individual Investigations

    Boys and Girls in the Class
    Mathematics Football Players
    Laurel's Muffins
    Ratio of a + b to b + c

Day 11 Proportions

    1. Group Investigations

      Math & Cookies
      Proportions and Graphs

    2. Individual Investigations

      Which Movie is Best?
      Fair Share
      Drink Mixes
      Intersecting Chords

Day 12 Inverse Proportions

  1. Group Investigations

    Exploring Rectangle Properties
    Inversely Proportional

  2. Individual Investigations

Camera Lens Aperture
Volume and Pressure

Day 13  Decimal Division II

  1. Group Investigations

    Mathopia Farm

Day 14  Rational Number Mania

  1. Rational Number Discussion


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