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Additional investigations

Late to School: Draw a distance vs. time graph to describe a given scenario.

Holy Graphs: You are given a quadratic equation divided by a linear equation. Determine why the graph appears the way it does.

Labeling a Graph: What could the x- and y-axis on the given graph represent in the "real world"?

Continuing a Pattern: Describe what happens on a graph if you continue the pattern shown in the table of values.

Temperature Comparisons: Is Fahrenheit vs. Celsius a linear, exponential, or quadratic relationship?

Counting M&M's: Describe the distribution of colors in a bag of M&M's.

Popular Movies: Compare 1) the weekend total for the top ten movies at the theater, and 2) the total gross for the top ten movies at the theater.

Drinking Coca-Cola: Determine the number of people in an initial sample of people who taste tested soft drinks.

Different Measures of Center: Find a data set that has a median larger than its mean, and a mean larger than its mode.

Map Coloring: Color a map of a continent with many countries so that no two bordering countries are the same color.

As the Crow Travels: Can you devise a strategy so that the distance you travel in a car is exactly twice the distance that a crow flies, yet you both start at the same spot and end up at the same spot?

Reflecting Coordinates: What line can you reflect the point (x,y) about in order to end up at various positions?

Specific Slopes: Determine the relationships of the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Dilating Coordinates: What happens when you multiply both coordinates of a point by the same number and then plot this new point?

Twice Reflecting over Parallel Lines: Find the distance between two points reflected over parallel lines.

Finding the Midpoint: How do the coordinates of a midpoint of a segment relate to the coordinates of the endpoints?

Mean Vertex: Determine the location of a point inside a quadrilateral.

Splitting Areas: Describe the relationship between two areas in a given triangle.

Rotating Coordinates: State the new location of (x,y) after rotating it a certain number of degrees.

Globs: Write the formula for a function that will cross as many globs as possible. Graph to see how many globs are crossed over, or "smashed."

I've Sunk Your Battleship!: Play the game of "Battleship" by placing your ships in the coordinate plane. The first person to lose all of their ships has to surrender to defeat!

Mining through Coordinates: Cross a mine field in a coordinate plane without hitting any of the mines.

Intersecting Lines: Determine how many different possibilities exist for the number of points of intersection of nineteen lines.

Approximate with Technology: Trisecting Angle: Determine how a trisection of an angle can be approximated using geometry software.

Travel of Ant Z on a Parabola: Ant Z wants to go from the point (-1,1) to the point (2,4) by staying on the curve y = x2. How long is the distance Ant Z travels on this portion of the curve? 

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