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Recommended investigations

Properties of Parabolas: Observe how the coefficients of a quadratic equation affect properties on the graph.

Slopes and Angles of Elevation: Determine the relationship between the slope of a line and the angle it makes with a horizontal line.

Comparing Lines: Examine the relationship between the coefficients in two linear functions if they are parallel, perpendicular, share the same intercept, and more.

Solving Graphically: Identify the solution to an equation by examining its graph.

Intersecting Graphs: Determine which pairs of functions produce the greatest number of intersections.

Maximums of Functions: Determine which type of functions have maximums and under what circumstances those maximums occur.

X-Intercept Transformation: Identify the change in the x-intercepts of a function when you reverse its leading coefficient and constant term.

The Slope of a Curve: Explore the variability of the slope of a curve on small intervals.

Equation of a Circle: Find the equation of a circle based on its radius and locus of coordinates.

Medians of a Triangle: Determine the relationship between the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle and its centroid.

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