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Additional Investigations

Absent-minded Students: What is the probability that two students came up with the same answer to a question on an exam?

Sum of the Dice: Determine the sum that will appear most frequently.

Foolproof Lottery?: Determine the likelihood of winning the lottery.

What are the Super Bowl Odds?: Can you pick the winner of the Super Bowl?

Without Blue or Brown: How many students have a particular color of hair and eyes in a class of 30 students?

The Card Game: Can you tell how long had friends have played cards together?

Photo Exchange: Determine how many photos are exchanged.

Job Interview: Help Zach determine how many different outfits he has to wear on job interviews.

Lining Up: Find the different ways it is possible for people to line up.

Football Scoring: What is the probability that a team had at least 3 touchdowns in a particular game?

Tossing Coins in Pascal's Triangle: Relating the rows of Pascal's Triangle to the outcomes of coin tossing.

Identical Birthdays: What is the probability that someone in a class will have the same birthday as you?

Tying the Knot: Determine the chances that a couple can get married under an ancient aboriginal tribe custom about marriage.

Estimating Acreage: Design a simulation that will help you determine the number of acres in the state you live in.

Forming a Triangle: Given certain circumstances, determine the probability of forming various triangles.

Medial Probabilities: Find the probability that a point randomly selected in a large triangle will also be in a smaller triangle formed by connecting the midpoints of the large triangle's sides.

Pyramid in a Box: Determine the probability that a point lies in a particular area.

Octahedron in a Cube: Determine the probability that a point lies in a particular area.

Ground Zero: Consider events with probabilities equal to 0.

Unusual Occurrence: Can a fair coin that is tossed ten times land on heads all ten times!

Bonus Free Throws: Given Rachel's free throw percentage, will she send the game into overtime?

Hitting the Bulls-eye: How many times would you expect to throw the dart until you hit the bulls-eye?

Getting on Base: How many hits would you expect your favorite baseball player to have in the next 15 at-bats?

Mystery Envelopes: Knowing what's in one envelope, should you keep your envelope or switch and ask for the other one?

Matching Socks: Determine the number of socks you should pull out in order to guarantee that you will have a pair.

Getting Free: How should a prisoner arrange 200 balls so that the prisoner has the greatest possibility of going free?

Too Many Dogs: Determine how many dogs Elizabeth owns.

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