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Recommended Investigations

Rolling Dice: Compare experimental and theoretical probabilities as you increase the number of times that dice are rolled.

Buying Cereal for Prizes: Determine the number of cereal boxes you would need to purchase in order to collect all of the prizes.

Let's Make a Deal: Find the best method for winning a car behind a mystery door.

Monte Carlo Method: Generate random numbers to find a mystery number related to the radius of a circle.

Triangle Inside a Parallelogram: Determine the probability that a point inside a triangle will also be in a parallelogram

Varying Probabilities: Examine the probability of a spinner landing in a sector of a circle graph with unequal areas.

Triangles in a Hexagon: Determine the probability that a point inside a hexagon is also inside a triangle that shares common vertices.

Choosing Multiples of 5: Investigate the probability of selecting multiples in a group of real numbers.

Unfair Coins: Explore the probabilities associated with a coin toss that is more likely to land on one side.

Adding Marbles: Add green marbles to a bag so that the probability of drawing a green marble is 3/4.

One Probability: How many red marbles do you need?

Increasing Your Chances: What would you have to add to a package of marbles so that the probability of getting a red marble is 7/8?

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