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Recommended Investigations

John's Way of Finding Averages: Apply an alternate method to find the arithmetic mean of a data set.

"Average Families": Use a spreadsheet to find different data sets that will produce the same arithmetic mean.

Mean, Median, and Mode: Is One Always Larger?: Compare the relative size of different measures of center in various data sets.

Same But Different: Create data sets that have one measure of center in common, but vary in a different measure of center.

Transformations of Data: Explore what changes in the mean, median, and mode as you add, subtract, multiply, and divide elements in a data set.

Combining Data Sets: Examine changes in measure of center when you combine groups of data.

Center of Gravity: Compare the arithmetic mean of a group of data points to its line of best fit. vertices.

Introducing Outliers: Observe changes in the mean, median, and mode of a data set as you introduce an outlier.

The Last Math Exam: Predict a pattern between two frequencies that determines the mean score on a math exam.

Coca-Cola Popularity: Determine the sample size of a group of people in a taste test as more people are introduced into the survey.

Scoring the Vault: Determine a gymnast's score on the vault if the vault was her worst/best event

Analyzing Test Scores: Determine the Variance and Standard Deviation of a set of test scores.

Which one is Better?: Compare which test is better by looking at the means and standard deviations.

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