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additional Investigations

PROPERTIES of Triangles

In or Out?: Determine the location of the altitudes in a triangle.

Classified Information: Investigate combining triangle classifications based on length and angle measure. .

Sum It Up!: Explore the sum of interior angles of a triangle.

Shark Attack!: Find the best path from the inside of a triangle to its sides.

Remotely Interior: Compare exterior angles with remote interior angles.

Outside Looking In: Identify the sum of the exterior angles in a triangle.

To Be or Not to Be: Determine the necessary conditions to create a triangle.

Balancing the Triangular Totter: Locate the center of mass of a triangle.

Half as much may be right: Explore triangles inscribed in semicircles.

Planting Trees: Help a farmer plant four trees.

AREA and PERIMETER of Triangles

Interactive Pythagoras: Use the concept of area to demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem

Area formulas: Investigate the areas of triangles in a variety of ways.

Triangles Inside a Trapezoid: Use the area of a triangle to transform a trapezoid into different quadrilaterals.

Prime Scalene: Find the smallest possible perimeter of a scalene triangle.

Slicing Triangles: Cut any given triangle into triangles of equal area.

Transformations of Triangles

Tiling: Tile a square patio with triangular tiles.

Constructing Isosceles Triangles: Explain how to construct isosceles triangles.

Triangles inscribed inside triangles: Explore properties of triangles constructed using the midpoint of given triangles.

Triangular numbers: Explore the sequence of triangular numbers.

SAM: Explore Symmetry with Altitudes and Medians

Puzzles that include Triangles

Hidden Triangles: Count the number of triangles in a picture.

Toothpick Transfer: Readjust a diagram to form a number of triangles.

Lining Up to Find Triangles: Draw lines to find the largest amount of triangles.

Nonoverlapping Triangles: Use three lines to form as many triangles as possible.

Pentagram Triangles: How many triangles are formed?

Counting Triangles: Determine the number of triangles in the diagram.

Magic Triangle: Place the digits 1 through 9 in the circles in a very special way.

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