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Division Situations

Which of the following are story problems for ?

  1. Mrs. Brown has 5 pieces of candy on her desk. She was to divide 1/3 of the candy among 15 students. Does she have enough candy?
  1. How many people can share 5 candy bars if each person gets 1/3?
  1. How many people can get 1/3 of 5 candy bars?
  1. A principal has 5 $100.00 certificates. She wants to only give 1/3 of the total amount to five teachers. How much will each teacher get?
  1. I have 5 yards of cloth. It takes 1/3 of a yard for a headband. How many headbands can I make?
  1. Three people are to get equal shares of five equivalent acres of land. How many acres will each person get?
  1. I have 5 feet of ribbon to divide among two friends and myself. How much rope does each person receive?


Inspired by a fantastic group of middle school teachers from Richmond County, GA




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