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For each of the following problems, consider how you would pose the same problem to your students. Would the wording need to change? Would you need to include more pictures? More detailed pictures? But remember we don't want to do TOO MUCH for the student. If we provide too much information, they will not need to think about what the question is asking.

Consider your problem-solving strategy for each of the following investigations. Is there another strategy that you could use? If so, which strategy would be more appropriate for understanding the concept?


Integers are numbers that can be written without decimals or fractions. In other words, the integers is the number system {...,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,...}.

Integers can represent real-world situations involving both amount and direction. For example, five hundred dollars deposited into a bank account can be represented by +500, whereas -500 can represent five hundred dollars being withdrawn from the bank account.