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Recommended Investigations

Geometric Sequences and Series: Explore the properties of geometric sequences and series.

End Behaviors with Constant Ratio: Find two functions that produce a constant ratio for large x.

Boys and Girls in the Class: Explore the properties of ratio of boys-to-girls in several classrooms.

The Slope of a Parabola: Explore the properties of the slope between two points on a parabola.

Let's Play Ball!: Determine the number of plate appearances of a baseball player.

Adding Ratios: What happens when you add ratios.

Similar Triangles: Determine proportions comparing the side lengths of similar triangles.

Angle Bisector: Given a triangle and an angle bisector, determine proportions comparing the lengths of the line segments on the sides of the triangle.

Math in Motion: Explore the relationship of graphs and motion.

Choosing a Loan: Determine which car loan would you pick.

The Tortoise and the Hare: How long was the hare asleep if the tortoise wins the race?

Predicting the Value of a House: How much will the Miller's house be worth thirty years?

Buying Ping Pong Balls: How many balls did Alice buy?

It's On Lacey: How much lunch can Lacey afford?

Bouncing Ball: Determine how high a ball rebounds with each bounce.

Increasing Area: If the area of a rectangle increases how much does its length and width increase?

Discounting Cars: Help a car dealer decide how much to mark down her old inventory.

Red and Green Marbles: What would you have to add to a package of marbles so that the ratio of red marbles to green marbles becomes 5 to 8?

Raising Salaries: How much was Sally earning 8 years ago?

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