Intermath | Atlanta Public Schools, Number Sense,  2004


The Atlanta Public Schools offered an InterMath Number Sense course in the Spring of 2004 with Diann Ash instructing.  The following links are write-ups for some of the participants in the course.

Spring 2004

Wandria Hines

    Investigation 1

    Investigation 2

    Investigation 3

    Investigation 4

    Investigation 5


Tina Roberts


    Consuming Candy and spreadsheet

    Differences Between and spreadsheet

    Forgetful Fran and spreadsheet

    Theater Seating and spreadsheet

    What Is and spreadsheet


Robin Quintero Griffin






Summer 2004


 Travis Brown



    Magic Numbers

    May's Average

    School Supplies

    Video Adv


LaTonya Beeman  


    36 Divisibility

    Average Score

    Planning Cruises

    Want to be a Millionaire?

    Proper Fraction Fury