Lesson Plan Guide

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TITLE: Graphing the Weather



In this lesson, students will compare the temperatures of two different geographical regions of the United States.After finding the temperatures, they will use Excel to graph the temperatures.


Primary Learning Outcome:

After completing the lesson, the student will be able to compare temperatures of various regions of the United States.Students will use the Internet to find the temperatures.They will also be able to make and read graphs in Excel.


Assessed QCC:

Organizes data into charts and tables and constructs bar graphs using scales of one, two, five, or ten units.


Collects, reads, interprets, and compares data in charts, tables, and graphs.


Measures using appropriate tools and units.


Uses technology tools to make charts and graphs under teacherís guidance.


Total Duration:

15 min. daily


Materials and Equipment:



Technology Connection:

Excel, Internet access



Step One

Go to http://www.weather.com and get the temperatures for two places in the United States.Record this on the Excel Spreadsheet.


Estimated Time:

5 min.


Web Links:


Weather Channel





This website contains updated weather information for locations around the world.


Step 2

After entering data into Excel, make a graph to compare the two temperatures.To do this, highlite the information that you want to graph.

Next, choose Insert Chart from the menu at the top.

After chosing chart, choose the type of chart you want and click on Next.In this example, I am using a bar graph.

This is the screen where you will enter series names, in this case, the names of the cities.

Hit Next after entering series names.You will enter the names of the axis in this screen.

After entering the names, click Next again.Click Finish, and your graph will be inserted into the spreadsheet.


This is a daily assessment done during Calendar Math.This will assest using technology to gather data, as well as making bar graphs.