Day I: Monday (June 2, 2003)

Morning Session

A. Introduction to InterMath

  1. Goals
  2. Components of workshop and continued professional development
  3. Components of InterMath website (Investigations, Dictionary, Discussion Board, etc.)
  4. InterMath Investigations Geometry Clusters for extra practice
  5. Examples of what previous participants have done
  6. Discuss online portfolio
  7. Discuss the components and structure of a write-up (including extensions).

B. Introduction to Technology

  1. Web Page Development
  2. Uploading process
  3. Dynamic Geometry Software
  4. Activities to reinforce Geometer's Sketch Pad skills

C. Introduce idea of representations

  1. Importance and role of representations in problem-solving
  2. Work through an investigation focused on real-world representations as a whole class using Geometer's Sketchpad

D. Discuss the components and structure of a write-up (including extensions)

E. Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles

    Participants should choose investigations that involve:

    • Identifying, describing and contrasting points, lines, line segments, planes, rays, and angles
    • Describing and defining properties associated with points, lines, angles, and segments including distance, collinear, midpoint, congruent, bisector, interior/exterior, perpendicular, parallel, and intersecting
    • Defining, estimating and measuring segments and angles
  1. Participants engage in investigations dealing with Points, Lines and Planes

    F. Journal

Afternoon Session

A. Participants begin their first web-page write-ups to include in their online portfolios
B. Continued technological teaching and support (especially with GSP and the structure of a write-up)

C. Continue to discuss the components and structure of a write-up (including extensions)

D. Journal


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