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TITLE: Mystery Mixture



This lesson is part of the 6th grade physical science curriculum. The students participating in this lesson will be taking part in a chromatography lab which will include a demonstration by the teacher and a follow-up hands-on group lab that the students will take part in. Chromatography is a separation process that involves separating liquid from liquid soluble materials. After the demonstration, the students will define chromatography and will complete a lab report on their findings using the Internet and Microsoft Word®.


Primary Learning Outcome:

After the lesson, students should be able to answer the question, “What is chromatography?” and will answer specific questions related to the lab.


Assessed QCC:

S.6.5.1 – Distinguish between atoms and molecules and among elements, mixtures and compounds.


Non-Assessed QCC:

S.6.1 – Uses process skills of observing, classifying communicating, measuring, predicting, inferring, identifying, and manipulating values; recording analyzing and operationally defining, formulating, models, experimenting, constructing hypothesis and drawing conclusions; S.6.2 – Understands and applies laboratory safety rules and practices; S.6.3.1 – Defines and identifies standards of measurement; S.6.3.2 – Identifies SI units and symbols for length, volume, mass, density, time, and temperature.


Total Duration:

The total lesson should last 50-55 minutes (10 minutes for the demonstration, 20-25 minutes for the lab, and 20 minutes to complete the lab report and answer the questions).



Materials and Equipment:

The student will need a plastic cup, a coffee filter, tape, a pencil, a water-soluble marker, access to six computers with the Internet and Microsoft Word®.


Technology Connection:

The Internet and Microsoft Word®.



Step One

The teacher will demonstrate the chromatography lab by cutting a strip of paper from a coffee filter and wrapping one end around a pencil so that the other end will just touch the bottom of the plastic cup. Then, the teacher will secure the strip of paper to the pencil with a piece of tape. Then, the teacher will put a small dot on the bottom of the filter using a water-soluble marker. Next, the teacher will pour about 1 cm of water into the bottom of the cup. The teacher will then carefully lower the paper into the water where the pencil rests on top of the cup. Watch and show the students how the ink from the dot rises. The teacher will then ask if there are any questions. After answering any possible questions, the teacher will divide the class into 6 groups of students so that one person from each group may complete the lab report on the computer.


Estimated Time:

10 minutes


Step Two

The students, in groups, will complete the lab.


Estimated Time:

20-25 minutes


Step Two

One student from each group will complete the lab report using Microsoft Word®, print it, and turn it in.


Estimated Time:

20 minutes


Lesson Materials to be Attached:

Title: Mystery Mixture Lab Report



The above attachment is the lab report that the students will access on the computers using Microsoft Word®.



The students will be assessed by how accurate they complete the lab report and how well they work in a group together. Each student in the group will have his or her name on the lab report.