Lesson Plan Guide

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TITLE: Cube Measurement



This lesson is part of the 6th grade physical science curriculum. The students will be separated into six different groups to measure different cubes that are placed at their lab table. During the lab, each student will record the information (area, volume, etc.) from the experiment. The next day, each student will go to the computer lab to create and label the cubes using Geometers Sketchpad 4.0®.


Primary Learning Outcome:

After the first day, the students will be able to measure the area and volume of cubes. After the second day, the students will understand how to create models of cubes using Geometers Sketchpad 4.0®.


Assessed QCC:

S.6.3.1 – Names the prefixes used in the SI system; S.6.3.2 – Identifies SI units and symbols for length, volume, mass, density, time, and temperature.


Total Duration:

The total lesson should last 100-110 minutes.


Materials and Equipment:

The materials needed will be approximately 24 cubes of different sizes, yard sticks, meter sticks, and the computer lab so every student may use Geometers Sketchpad 4.0®.


Technology Connection:

Geometers Sketchpad 4.0®



Step One

Day One: The teacher will place about four cubes of different sizes, a yard stick, and a meter stick on each lab table. The students will be given the formulas of finding area (A = L x W) and volume (A = L x W x H) and will be assigned to find the area and volume of each cube. The teacher will then divide the class into six groups to measure the cubes in their lab groups. The students will keep their information to use the next day in the computer lab.


Estimated Time:

50-55 minutes


Step Two

Day Two: The students will go to the computer lab with their measurements from the day before and will open Geometers Sketchpad 4.0® on their computers to individually create models of the cubes that they measured the day before. The models must be accurate to the sizes of the actual cubes measured the day before. Finally, when the students are finished, they will print their model and turn it in.


Estimated Time:

50-55 minutes



The students will be assessed by the accuracy of their models of their cubes created by using their information recorded on the first day.