Lesson Plan Guide

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TITLE: Food Pyramid Chart



This lesson is part of the 6th grade health curriculum and will take place in the Computer Lab so that every student may have access to Geometers Sketchpad 4.0®. Each student will research the Internet to find certain foods that belong in each of the six food pyramid categories. They will then use Geometers Sketchpad 4.0® to create a triangle with six different sections. Then, they will copy pictures of foods that belong to each category using the Internet to paste in each category


Primary Learning Outcome:

After the pyramid has been constructed, the students will be able to identify the six categories of the food pyramid and name certain foods that belong to eat category.


Assessed QCC:

H.6.24 - Demonstrates awareness of personal food choices on future health.


Total Duration:

The total lesson should last 50-55 minutes.


Materials and Equipment:

Students will need the computer lab so every student may use the Internet and Geometers Sketchpad 4.0®.


Technology Connection:

Internet and Geometers Sketchpad 4.0®



Step One

The teacher will open Geometers Sketchpad and show it on the board using an LCD projector. Then, the teacher will create a triangle and show how to divide it into six equal sections. This will be done by using the line and point tools.


Estimated Time:

10 minutes


Step Two

The students will open Geometers Sketchpad 4.0® on their computers and will use the program to create a triangle and will divide it into six equal parts. Then, the students will research the Internet to research the sections of the food pyramid and copy pictures of foods that belong in each section to paste in their proper sections. Last, when the students are finished, they will print their model and turn it in.


Estimated Time:

45 minutes



The students will be assessed by the accuracy of their food pyramids.