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            Noelle Francell

Class Information

University of Georgia, Room 119 Aderhold Hall, June 2-6.

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About me

I teach sixth grade math and science at Creekland Middle School in Gwinnett County, Georgia. I have been a teacher for 13 years. My team web page is

Some Links I Like

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Saint Andrews University History of Mathematics Site

Jim Wilson's Web Site

Mathematics Forum


My Class Journal




Bouncing Barney


Angles in Circles


Rationalize This!


Paper Folding


Same Area-Triangles and Squares


Lesson Plans


Perimeter and Area using Rectangular Arrays

This is a lesson that I wrote for GLC. It uses math manipulatives to show the relationship between perimeter and area of rectangles and squares. The objective of the lesson is to simply explore the concepts of perimeter and area and their relationship.



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