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University of Georgia, Room 119 Aderhold Hall, June 2-6.

About me I am currently working on my Master's in Middle School Mathematics and Science.  I have been a full-time graduate student for the past year, and I graduate this summer.  I have taught for 2.5 years before graduate school and I am looking forward to being back in the classroom. I will be teaching at Westside Middle in Barrow County this fall.

Some Links I Like

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Saint Andrews University History of Mathematics Site

Jim Wilson's Web Site

Mathematics Forum

My Class Journal



Penning Pony

Same Area Square and Triangle

Biggie Size It!

Equal Areas


Lesson Plans

Special Points

A lesson that looks at circumcenters, incenters, orthocenters, and centroids.

Circle Investigation

This lesson investigates tangent lines, inscribed angles, and chords.