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Geometric Constructions

This lesson is designed to give students a deeper understanding of geometric constructions. Students will first construct geometric figures with a compass and straightedge. After paper and pencil constructions student will investigate using Geometer’s Sketchpad to see what the markings with compass and straightedge actually are.



This is a hands-on lesson on constructing angles, segments, bisecting angles, and bisecting segments. Students will create the constructions using a compass and straightedge and then reinforce their understanding of the constructions with technology. When dealing with constructions, students need to understand that the marks and arcs made with the compass are actual geometric figures.

*Primary Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to create constructions with compass and straightedge. Students will also be able to explain orally the steps of a construction of a segment, an angle, bisecting an angle, and bisecting a segment. How can I recreate a segment or line without measuring? What is a construction? What can be used to create a construction? When using a compass and straight for a construction what do the arcs represent? What is a compass? How is it used? What is a straightedge? How is it used?

Additional Learning Outcomes:

(What smaller steps will students need to take that lead up to the primary learning outcome? Write those here. If the Primary Learning Outcome is strong, these may be some sub questions. Are there other areas to which the student will be exposed?)


*Assessed QCC:

Mathematics: 6

1-Problem Solving

Topic: Appropriate Methods and Tools Applications

Standard: Solves problems, reasons, and estimates throughout mathematics. Selects appropriate tools in solving problems.



Topic: Vocabulary

Standard: Describes orally and written using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary.


4-Basic Skills, Technology Investigations

Topic: Research, Investigation, Data Analysis

Standard: Uses computer software and applications to research, investigate, and analyze data and to represent the information using charts, tables, graphs, or other presentation forms.


16-Geometry and Spatial Sense; Measurement

Topic: Congruence, Similarity

Standard: Identifies congruent and similar figures


Non-Assessed QCC:

(Non-assessed standards are taught as part of the lesson but are not included in assessment. These include any skill which will be learned over a period of time such as reference skills or math facts.)


Standards: Local and/or National

(If the school district has separate/additional standards, they can be listed here. Or if national standards are required as part of a grant they can be copied and pasted here.)


*Total Duration:

Step: 1 Duration 50 minutes

Teacher will pass out materials for students to use during the constructions. The teacher will write instructions to each of four constructions on the board. Segments, angles, bisected angle and bisected segment will all be constructed. Students will be given knowledge of the terms congruent and arcs with emphasis on their importance to the lesson. Students will be put in small groups so they can ask each other questions as they work while the teacher facilitates.


Step: 2 Duration 50minutes

Students will be working with the wireless lab. Students will now create the same constructions from the previous day using Geometer’s Sketchpad. Student will be given a 10 minute refresher course on the use of sketchpad.

*Materials and Equipment:



3-drawing paper


Technology Connection:

1-Wireless lab

2-(software) Geometer’s Sketchpad



Step One

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Estimated Time:

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Students will be assessed on their completed constructions with straightedge and compass. Students will also be assessed on their ability to explain the constructions orally. Students have to turn in a written assessment of the differences of using the straightedge and compass to Geometer’s Sketchpad.


(How can this lesson be modified to work with students who already understand the concepts taught? Describe that here.)



(For students who do not readily grasp concepts, how can the lesson be taught differently? Describe that here)



(How can this lesson be taught differently for students with exceptional needs? These students will be working on the same QCCs as the lesson. Describe that here.)



(How can this lesson be changed for students with IEP objectives or other alternate learning outcomes

which may include QCCs off grade level?)




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