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Introduction to Geometry



This lesson will cover the basic terms associated with Geometry. The terms point, segment, line, ray and plane will be defined and introduced as drawings. Students will look at lines and line segments and investigate the relationships between them by discussing drawings. Students will be shown angles, triangles, and quadrilaterals and asked to explain the relationship between these figures and the basic terms. Students will also be introduced to polygons and will be able to classify triangles and quadrilaterals using characteristics of each. Students will hear information through lectures, they will work in small problem solving groups and they will reinforce learning through technological application

*Primary Learning Outcome:

What are the basic geometric terms? What is an angle? What is a triangle? What are quadrilaterals? What is a polygon? Explain how geometric terms are related? How do we classify triangles and quadrilaterals?

Additional Learning Outcomes:

Students will create kinesthetic movement to model geometric terms.

*Assessed QCC:

Grade: 6


18-Geometry and Spatial Sense; Measurement

Topic: Plane figure, Geometric Properties, Classify

Standard: Classifies plane figures by their properties

2-Problem solving

Topic: Vocabulary

Standard: Describes orally and in writing using appropriate mathematical vocabulary, concepts, and procedures.

12-Geometry and Spatial Sense; Measurement

Topic: Parallel, Perpendicular, and Intersecting

Standard: Use properties and characteristics of lines and line segments to determine the relationships between lines.


Topic: Angle components and angle types

Standard: Identifies the component parts of an angle, its vertex, and sides or rays; and classifies angles as acute, obtuse, or straight.

Technology Integration

3-Basic Skills

Topic: Basic Skills

Standard; Demonstrates appropriate and effective care and use of technology tools.

4-Basic Skills

Topic: Basic skills

Standard: Operates basic technology tools and applications.




Non-Assessed QCC:

(Non-assessed standards are taught as part of the lesson but are not included in assessment. These include any skill which will be learned over a period of time such as reference skills or math facts.)


Standards: Local and/or National

(If the school district has separate/additional standards, they can be listed here. Or if national standards are required as part of a grant they can be copied and pasted here.)


*Total Duration:

Step: 1 Duration 50 minutes

Students will be introduced to the basic geometric terms. Notes will be taken from lecture. Students will look at pictures on the overhead of segment and line relationships. In small groups students will write down characteristics of the line relationships and discuss.

Step: 2 Duration 50 minutes

Classification of Triangles and Quadrilaterals will be discussed. After discussion students will be required to create 3 triangles and 3 quadrilaterals from construction paper and label characteristics of each figure.

Step: 3 Duration 50 minutes

Students will have access to the wireless lab to use Geometer’s Sketchpad. I will give them an overview of the toolbar that is associated with Geometer’s Sketchpad and other uses. The rest of the period will be used as an exploration time while I facilitate.

*Materials and Equipment:

1-overhead projector



4-construction paper



Technology Connection:

1-wireless computer lab


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Students will be assessed on vocabulary through a vocabulary quiz. Student’s knowledge of triangles and quadrilaterals will be assessed through individual presentations of construction cut outs. Students will show their understanding of Geometer’s Sketchpad by using the toolbar and other features to create given geometric figures.


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