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Wenda Peltz


Class Information

University of Georgia, Room 119 Aderhold Hall, June 2-6.

The class is an opportunity for Mathematics Teachers to enhance their ability to teach Geometry.

About me

I teach  8th grade Algebra in Gwinnett County.

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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Saint Andrews University History of Mathematics Site

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Mathematics Forum

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My Class Journal

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Bouncing Barney – an exploration of paths of lines inside a triangle from a point on one side of the triangle to another side of the triangle, that is parallel to the third side of the triangle.


Inner Secants – an exploration of the relationship of the measure of an angle formed by two secants that intersect outside the circle and two arcs created by the secants.


Orthocenters – an exploration of the orthocenter of a triangle.  This includes an exploration into how the orthocenter moves in and around the triangle.


Quadrilaterals – an exploration of the relationship between an original quadrilateral and a smaller quadrilateral created by connecting the midpoints of the original quadrilateral. 


Pythagoren Theorem – an exploration of the Pythagorean Theorem using GSP to manipulate triangles.


Lesson Plans

Arc length and area of a sector – this lesson plan uses GSP to help students explore the relationships between the arc length and the circumference, the area of a sector and the area of a circle, and the measure of a central and the area of the circle.   


Pythagorean Thoerem – this lesson uses GSP to help students explore how the measure of an angle affects the relationship between the sum of the squares of the adjacent sides and the square of the opposite side.