InterMath | Augusta, Number Sense, Spring 2004




 Al Sutton


Class Information

 Number Sense – a study of sets of numbers, order relationships, numeration, and divisibility properties of integers, prime and composite numbers, special set of numbers, sequences, and the history of mathematics.


About Me

Middle School Math  Teacher-6th Grade

Married with three children


Some Links I Like


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Saint Andrews University History of Mathematics Site

Jim Wilson's Web Site

Mathematics Forum

Math is Fun

The MathWorks - MATLAB and Simulink for Technical Computing - 4math - World of Math Online - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers

Discovery School’s Puzzle maker allows kids to make crossword puzzles online.

Create a Graph

Georgia Learning Connections

Welcome to PH@school: Middle Grades Math




Historical Research

John Nash

Blaise Pascal

Archimedes of Syracuse

Zeno’s Paradox




The Constant Feature: Spanning K-12 Mathematics



Consecutive Odd Numbers

What Is?

Creating Integer

Proper Fraction Fury

Dividing by Zero

Adding Ratios

What About 9


Group Presentation

Pythagorean Triples


 Lesson Plans

Fractions Online


Math Dictionary




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