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Tracy L. Harmon

Class Information
Middle Grades Math Endorsement class. Located at
Westside High School in Augusta ,GA. TIME- 4:30 to 8:30  DAY- Wednesdays Class Duration March 30- May 25


About me

I am a graduate of South Carolina State University (Bulldog!), member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (oo-oop!) and a middle school Special Education teacher in an Emotional Behavioral Disorders self contained classroom. Yes…I love it! We have a new class pet a dachshund, named Brownie and he is just like a baby!  I am the Student Council Advisor and we are constantly doing activities, enrolled in an education program at University of Georgia and the site director for the YMCA after school program, Prime Time!! Yes, my plate is full.  This is the first math class I have taken in years. So SAM I will be in Charlotte for your help...come on, come on! I actually chose geometry because I thought all I had to do was draw circles but that was a joke!! Thanks UGA because I AM enjoying learning new math concepts!! Go Dawgs!!

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