INTERMATH | Train the Trainer Workshop


Houston County - January 4-5, 2005


Laurel Bleich, Sarah Ledford, Dr. Chandra Orrill
Learning & Performance Support Laboratory
University of Georgia
(706) 542 - 4177


v     Prepare the facilitators to successfully teach one of the syllabi using InterMath materials.
This includes coverage of planning, assessment, and technology issues.

v     Allow facilitators to create online materials (including sample write-ups and syllabus) that they can refine later.

v     Provide opportunity to learn with explorations.

v     Provide opportunity to use all of the software involved with InterMath.


v     Algebra
Gretel's Goldfish
Theater Seating
Composite Functions
Piano Frequency

v     Number Concept
The Salesman and the Egg
The Frog Race

Squares and Differences
Folders for Sale

v     Geometry
Penning for Pony
Triangle in a Rectangle
Angles In a Circle
Sum of Exterior Angles

v     Data Analysis
Adding Marbles
Unfair Coins
Favorite Dessert
Identical Birthdays



Carla Roberts (Bonaire MS)

Liz Carroll (PMS)



Dana Walker (WRHS)

Margaret Faircloth (Bibb Co.)



Elizabeth Harrison (System)

Melissa Pointer (Bonaire MS)



Gail Gordon (System)

Rose Powell (FMMS)



Georgia Hart (WRMS)

Sharon Waugh (HCHS)



Gina Rowland (PMS)

Stacy Brantley (PMS)



Jane Adams (NSHS)

Shirl Williams (HCHS)



Jeffrey Moore (Shirley Hills)

Stephanie Wilson (Bonaire MS)



Kelly Derzi (Bibb Co.)

Scott Wynn (NSHS)



Kay Seabolt (Dept. of Education)



Sample Write-Up
Sample Model Lesson
Sample Write-Up Rubric


Hand Held Calculators such as TI-81, TI-82, or TI-83
Graphing Calculator 3.0 (from
Geometers Sketchpad (from
Spreadsheets (MS Excel recommended)
Web Page Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator)
Web Page Authoring Tool (MS Word recommended)

No prior knowledge of any of the above technologies is assumed.