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An egg salesman
Problem Statement
How many eggs the salesman had sold in all.

Problem setup

The student must be able to find half of a quantity utilizing variables and expressions for the unknown. Also the student should be able to obtain a pattern or to establish the desired equation for the problem. This problem is similar to the doubling a number problem starting at one and continuing the pattern.

Plans to Solve/Investigate the Problem


Discuss your initial plans/strategies/technologies toward the solution of the problem.

Investigation/Exploration of the Problem

Carry out your plans/strategies you planned initially. Give a well organized explanation and details about how the problem was approached and explored. You should do that so that the reader can follow/construct/understand your work with minimal effort. Include numerical, graphical data (to the extend that it is applicable) to support your arguments and conjectures. Try to include multiple approaches/representations (numerical, graphical and symbolic) to the problem and the solution. Label diagrams, tables, graphs, or other visual representations you used. Provide an algebraic proof/solution for your conjectures/observations where it's applicable.

Extensions of the Problem

Discuss possible extensions for the problem and explore/investigate at least one of the extensions you discussed.

Author & Contact
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Link(s) to resources, references, lesson plans, and/or other materials
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U Important Note: You should compose your write-up targeting an audience in mind rather than just the instructor for the course. You are creating a page to publish it on the web.