Title: Algebraic Equations              Subject/Course: Algebra Concepts

Topic: Equations                         Grade(s): ___8___ Designer(s): Benjamin Moore

Stage 1 Desired Results

Established Goal(s)


M8A1 Students will use algebra to represent, analyze, and solve problems.

a. Represent a given situation using algebraic expressions or equations in one


b. Simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions.

c. Solve algebraic equations in one variable, including equations involving

absolute values.

d. Interpret solutions in problem contexts.


Understanding(s) Students will understand that...

1.  Students need to understand what has to be done when they are asked to solve an equation with decimals and fractions.


Essential Question(s)

1.    How are rational numbers added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided?



Students will know...

The students need to know the basic rules for dealing with rational numbers and fractions.  Vocabulary includes natural numbers, rational numbers, whole numbers, and cross products.




Students will be able to...

1.  Represent data interchangeably in the forms of equations, tables, and graphs

2. Determine the relationship between a numbers in a set


Stage 2 Assessment Evidence


Performance Task(s) Summary in G.R.A.S.P.S. form

1.    Each of the students will have to solve the following problem.

Carlos has a 24-exposure roll of film that needs to be developed.  He needs one 5 x 7 enlargement & two 11 x 14 enlargements.  Which is the total amount Carlos will spend for these services

Photo Processing Price List

Type of Photo processing services

Price for each service

Development for 12 exposure full of film


Development for 24 exposure roll of film


5 x 7 Enlargement


8 x 10 Enlargement


11 x 14 Enlargement



0.49 for each of the 1st 2 copies, 0.44 for each additional copy after the first 2



Key Criteria:

Homework and quiz

Other Evidence

Teacher observations, written explanations, class participation



Stage 3 Learning Plan

Learning Activities Consider the W.H.E.R.E.T.O. elements.


I will have the students pretend that they are shopping in the mall and are about to buy some shirts that are discounted at 29%.  The students must determine how many shirts they can buy with $85 if each shirt costs $14 given the discount and a tax rate of 7%.

The purpose of this is for the students to recall the skills they learned previously dealing with decimals and percents.  This activity will force them create an equation from words and come up with a rational number from a percent.  They will also recall skills dealing with order of operation.



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