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Coefficients that Affect the Graph

Problem Statement
Explain how the graph of the function h(x) = ax2 + bx + c changes when you modify a, b, and c.

Problem setup

This problem is asking you find how the graph of this equation is changed by modifying the variables.


Plans to Solve/Investigate the Problem

My initial plan to solve this problem is to plug in different numbers into the equation and see how the graph is changed by using a graphing calculator.  I will note the difference when some of the numbers are changed and others are not.  Taking note of these differences will let me know what relation those numbers have on the graph.


Investigation/Exploration of the Problem

1.        We discovered that the larger the absolute value of a, the narrower the parabola is.

2.        Changing the b value changes where the parabola starts.  Depending on the variable it will shift the vertex diagonally and horizontally.

3.        Changing the c value will shift the vertex starting point straight up or down.


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Benjamin Moore
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