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Lorri Worman

Class Information
Memorial Middle School
, Tuesdays, Spring 2006

About me
I am a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher with nine years of experience, 7 of which are in the high school setting.  I am a graduate of Heritage High School here in Rockdale County and attended Clayton State College before transferring to the University of Georgia where I finished up my Bachelor’s degree.  I have contemplated for years if I want to continue my education.  Now, at the spry, young age of 30, I have decided that I want to be a chef when I grow up.  Of course, I will only be 52 when I retire from teaching, so I feel as if maybe my plan might just work out… one day… when my four children are grown… and I am drawing a paycheck from my retirement!

Some Links I Like
FLY Lady-  THE internet source for learning to love your life and your home, one Baby step at a time.
Saving Dinner- Certified Nutritionist, Leanne Ely (a.k.a the Dinner Diva) helps families save money and
gather round the dinner table with weekly menus and pre-made shopping lists.  Free samples.
My Pyramid- USDA’s resource packed website for finding your “new” nutrition pyramid, analyzing your diet, and assessing your physical activity level.
Family Economics and Financial Information- Ready-to-teach, activity-based lessons and materials to teach middle and high schoolers how to take charge of their finances.   Includes information sheets, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, answer keys,

Project Linus- Worldwide non-profit organization that donates hand-made blankets to people who need a hug.  Anyone can be a blanketeer using the patterns and instructions from this website.

Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta- Educational resources and everything you EVER wanted to know about the “the big one” right here in the ATL, except the building’s blueprints. Discover the world of money!

Georgia Read More Program  Cool source of online personality assessments.  Students and teachers LOVE to do this, and it meets a Georgia middle school FACS objective.


Lesson Plans
Link to Lesson Plan 1
Link to Lesson Plan 2

InterMath Write-Ups/Reflections
Fortune Telling
Gretel's Goldfish
Square numbers





















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