InterMath | Rockdale, Modeling in Geometry, Spring 2004




Kelly Elder

Class Information

Tuesdays 4:30 - 8:00

About me

I'm an 8th grade teacher at Memorial Middle School.

I have been teaching for six years.

I earned a Masters in Mathematics Education in May 2003.

Some Links I Like


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Saint Andrews University History of Mathematics Site

Jim Wilson's Web Site

Mathematics Forum

School Website

My school webpage


Finding the Midpoint

    GSP of Finding the Midpoint

    Excel of Finding the Midpoint

Relationships between angles in a circle

Classified Information

Transforming Triangles

Same Area: Triangle and Square

             GSP of Triangle and Square

             Excel of Triangle and Square

Inscribed Square

           GSP of Inscribed Square

Same Size Perimeter

            GSP of Same Size Perimeter

Changing Cubes

             Excel of Changing Cubes

Same But Different

              Excel of Same But Different

Grazing for Mooey


Lesson Plans


Interior angles of polygons

Reflection Quilts

            GSP example Reflection Quilt (symmetrical coloring)

            GSP example Reflection Quilt (rotational coloring)