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Myra D. Wann

Class Information
GPS Course at Conyers Middle School beginning Jan.25 - May 17, 2005.

About me
I am a graduate of Mercer University.  I have a BA in English, an MEd in Middle Grades Education and an EdS in Middle Grades Education.  I hold a renewable Georgia teaching certificate in Secondary English, Middle Grade Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies, and  Elementary P-5.   I started teaching in  De Kalb County, GA.  After 15 years I decided to take time off  and stay home with my family.  Four years ago I returned to the classroom in Newton County at Veterans Memorial Middle School teaching 7th grade Math and Pre-Algebra and Reading. I am currently teaching sixth grade math.  During my years in De Kalb, I taught English, Reading, Language Arts (5th, 6th and 7th grades), Math(5th & 6th)  Social Studies(5th), Science (6th & 7th) and some classes in Art, Music and P.E. & Health.

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Lesson Plans
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