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Pam Joseph

Class Information
GPS Course
Conyers Middle School

Number Sense Course
Memorial Middle School

Algebra Course
Memorial Middle School

About me
I teach children in Special Education.
I like art, reading, computers, sewing and wish I made more time for them.

Some Links I Like
Lord of the Rings
Learn Dell
Autism Spectrum Disorders

Lesson Plans
Link to Lesson Plan 1

Islamic Inheritance Laws

InterMath-GPS course Write-Ups/Reflections
 Millionaire write-up
The Salesman and the Eggs
Kate's $
Ski Resort
On Broadway!
A Pen for the Pony

InterMath-Number Sense course

Memorial Middle School


Magic Numbers
Imaginary Numbers!

Mysterious Numbers

Planning a Cruise
Roberto and Granma!

Not Just Undefined
Exponent rules

Number Sense Lesson Plans
T-shirt Tessellations
Triangular Numbers

Algebra Course
Breaking the Code
Laying Bricks
Map Colors!
Clothes Shopping
Mystery Number
Freddy and Frieda
Full of Hot Air!

Algebra Course Lesson Plans
Equivalent Fractions
Calendar Math Puzzle

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