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Laura Thomas

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Numbers Sense

Mondays, 4:30-8:00 pm



Thursdays, 4:30-8:00 pm

About me
I am a teacher at Memorial Middle School in Conyers, Georgia. Currently,  I teach Spanish, Foreign Language and Career Education. In addition to teaching, I am head coach and CEO of Cobia Aquatic Club. Cobia Aquatic Club is a  year round USA Swimming team dedicated to young people ages 5 and older. I am also mother to 16 year old Jared and 3 year old Zoe. Both are great kids and make me happy to be alive!

Some Links I Like
Cobia Aquatic Club This is my year-round USA Swimming team located in Conyers
Memorial Middle School Join me at school

Numbers Sense Lesson Plans
Link to Lesson Plan 1

Numbers Sense Write-Ups/Reflections

  1. What is .999?

  2. Average Score

  3. Squares and Differences

  4. Remainder Shells

  5. Combinations

  6. Fortune Telling

  7. Red and Green Marbles

  8. Fibonacci Extended

  9. Want to Be a Millionaire?


Algebra Lesson Plans
Link to Lesson Plan 1
Link to Lesson Plan 2


Algebra Write-Ups/Reflections

  1. What is .999?

  2. Spreading Rumors

  3. Pascal's Patterns

  4. Maximums of Functions

  5. Mystery Number

  6. Reciprocal Sums

  7. Piano Frequency

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