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Exploration of Pascal's Triangles

Problem Statement
Student is charged with exploring information concerning Pascal's Triangle with the intent that further investigations may be developed.


Investigation/Exploration of the Problem

My plan is to explore the External Resources provided by the InterMath website is order to develop a better understanding of Pascal's Triangles and develop a new investigation for the InterMath website.


Extensions of the Problem

New investigation:  Using Pascal's triangle find the natural numbers, powers of 2, triangular numbers, Fibonacci numbers.


1     1

1     2     1

1     3     3     1

1     4     6     4     1

1     5     10     10     5     1

1     6     15     20     15     6     1

1     7     21     35     35     21     7     1



Check out these websites for some good info about Pascal's Triangles

Introduction to Pascal's Triangles (Good introductory info.)

Pascal's triangle with Probability (Probability and Lesson plan)

Pascal's triangle at Rutgers  (Very neat activities!)

Math Forum  (Great Stuff!!!)

Number Patterns  (Lesson Plan on number patterns)

Visual Patterns  (Lesson Plan on visual patterns)


To view solutions that show the number patterns for natural numbers, triangular numbers, Fibbonaci numbers, etc. click below:

Number Patterns Link

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