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Teresa Johnson

Class Information
Rockdale County Cohort Spring 2003

Number Sense & Algebra

Conyers Middle School

About me
Welcome to my Intermath webpage.  I am the Technology Education teacher at Memorial Middle School in Conyers, GA.  GO NOLES!  This is my second year teaching.  It is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding experience.  My goals for this Intermath course are to increase my flexibility and the scope of areas in which I can aid students in learning. 


Personal info.

I am married and have one wonderful two year old son.  He's definitely where the excitement is in our house.  As a family my husband, my son, and I participate in Colonial Re-enactments.  We portray a frontier family during the 1760s.  During these re-enactments we use the technology of the time period and share our experiences with anyone interested in learning more about America's early history.  For more information visit the Coalition of Historical Trekkers.

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Memorial Middle School


Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan 1
Lesson Plan 2

InterMath Write-Ups/Reflections


Number Sense Investigations
Average Score

What is .999?

Squares and Differences

36 Divisibility

Dividing Primes

Composite Numbers

Adding Tenths

Predicting the Value of a House

Pascal's Triangle


Algebra Investigations




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