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Cyndee Griswold

Class Information
Intermath,  Thursday 4:30 - 8:00 pm

About me
I am teaching my first year of  science at Heritage High School. The courses I teach are Physical Science and Chemistry. I live in Conyers with my husband, Ben; our two boys, Christian (9) and Jonah (6); two Jack Russell Terriers and two geriatric cats. My interests are winemaking and cooking.

Some Links I Like
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Lesson Plans
Comparing the graphs of Boyles and Charles Gas Laws
How many calories must you burn to equal weight loss?


InterMath Write-Ups/Reflections
Hot Air Balloons

Consecutive Sums of Even and Odd Numbers

What type of Graph is Celsius vs. Fahrenheit?

Car Depreciation

Is free installation really free?

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