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What type of Graph is Celsius vs. Fahrenheit?


Problem Statement

Collect temperatures measured in both Fahrenheit and Celsius so that you have 10 data points at least 10 Celsius degrees apart. Plot Fahrenheit vs. Celsius. Is this graph best described as a linear, exponential, or quadratic relationship? Explain your reasoning.


Problem setup

 The problem requires a graph an equation that will compare Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures  


Plans to Solve/Investigate the Problem

I will graph the equation that will convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit; the graph will tell if it is a linear, exponential, or quadratic relationship.


Investigation/Exploration of the Problem

Degrees Celsius = Degrees Fahrenheit – 32(5/9)


Setting C to y and F to x, my equation becomes:


y = x – 32(5/9)  I used a graphing calculator to draw the graph.


Click Here for the Graphing Calculator file


The graph is linear which is to be expected since the relationship should be linear. A thermometer can be used that has both scales on it. The scales do not change, but each has a different numerical value.




Extensions of the Problem

An extension of this problem would be to compare the graphs of Celsius and Kelvin Temperatures.

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