VIII. Class 10

A. Participants continue exploration of Linear Functions and Linear Inequalities

Participants should choose investigations that involve:

  • Fundamentals of linear equations (e.g., intercepts, zeros, slope/rate of change);
  • Equations of lines in various forms including linear combination form, slope-intercept form, etc.;
  • Linear inequalities;
  • Piecewise-defined linear functions;
  • Linear approximation (e.g., midpoint, distance, fitting line to data)
  1. Introduction of dynamic geometry software using one of the following:
  2. For more examples of problems that benefit from dynamic geometry software, see the "Geometry Relations and Connections" section of the Algebra Clusters page.


  3. Focus on investigations of linear inequalities, linear approximation and piecewise-defined linear functions

B. Participants add write-ups to their online portfolios

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