or “Pick your dream car and how to pay for it”




Unit Title:

ZOOM…ZOOM…ZOOM or “Pick your dream car and how to pay for it”


Unit Annotation: 

A six day unit designed for a 6th grade Pre-Algebra class.  Students research internet automobile sites to create their “dream car” by selecting a car model with various options.  After totaling costs, students investigate different payment schedules using a spreadsheet and internet websites.  Students compare and contrast different payments for 24, 36, 48, and 60 months at two different interest rates. Lastly, students analyze this information against leasing options before deciding whether it is better to lease or buy their dream car.


Primary Learning Outcome:

Use problem solving strategies or reasoning skills to investigate, calculate, and analyze, data for the purpose of making an informed decision.


Additional Learning Outcomes:

Students use problem-solving strategies

Students use technology, calculator, and computer skills


Assessed QCC:

1, 2, 3, 47


Total Duration:

One 50 minute class


Technology Connection:



See Day 1-6 lesson plans


Materials and Equipment:

See Day 1-6 lesson plans


Lesson Materials to be Attached:

Power Point presentation as unit introduction

Click Here to download the power point presentation as .zip file


Web Links:










Final project assessment: student choice of portfolio or Power Point presentation

Click Here to download the power point presentation as .zip file


Daily assessments include:

                1)  choice of car and list of options with total costs calculated

                2)  list of websites investigated

                3)  interest rate spreadsheet

                4)  Lease vs. Buy decision worksheet

                5)  Essay



Zoom Unit: Day 1

Zoom Unit: Day 2

Zoom Unit: Day 3

Zoom Unit: Day 4

Zoom Unit: Day 5