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Michelle Houston

Class Information
InterMath Number Sense Fall 2005

Rockdale County Public Schools
About me
I teach mathematics at
Salem High School Go 'NOLES!!.  Currently, my courses are Applied Algebra and Geometry.  I have a tendency to sing in class - which keeps most students awake - and I also like to use big words to help prepare students for the SAT verbal section.

Some Links I Like

Algebra I Online

Lesson Plans
Excel-ling in Geometry
Multiplying Polynomials
Are you making money?

InterMath Write-Ups/Reflections
Stamp Collecting

What values of...?
Irrational to Rational
Approximate Digits
Operations on Fractions
Bouncing Ball
Spreading Rumors
Integer Function
Consecutive Integers
Properties of Parabolas
Tangential Circles
Speaking Volumes
Paper Folding




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